Feininger – Klee – Bauhaus

exhibition on show until 16 August @Shepherd W&K Galleries, 58 East 79th Street, New York

When Lyonel Feininger was sitting on the train to Weimar in May 1919 on his way to become one of the first Bauhaus masters appointed to teach at the school, he was already a well-established painter in Germany. There were already a few collectors of his work, and museums were starting to take an interest in him. His first solo exhibition at the Galerie Der Sturm in Berlin in 1917 finally secured his place as one of the protagonists of Modernism in Germany. Roughly ten years before, in April 1907, the artist completed his first oil painting in Paris. At that time, Feininger already had ten years of a successful career as a caricaturist behind him. (Wolfgang Büche)

Feininger – Klee – Bauhaus, exhibition catalog, 2019,
32 pages, texts by Wolfgang Büche, Galerie Utermann, Dortmund and W&K – Wienerroither&Kohlbacher, Wien

photo: The Bauhaus Masters on the roof of the Bauhaus in Dessau at its opening on December 4 & 5, 1926

@Galerie Utermann, Silberstraße 22, Dortmund | 17.09. – 26.10.2019
@W&K, Strauchgasse 2, Wien | 14.11.2019 – 18.01.2020